HCDPC Nezabravka 
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HCDPC Nezabravka - Closed

Address ul. Rodopi,, municipaliry Stara Zagora, region Stara Zagora Email
Website http://milostiv.org/117 Phone 042/262 362, 042/ 262 262
DirectorRadina Stoyanova See on the map bgmaps.com
The orphanage "Nezabravka" took the place of a former kindergarten in the 90s (after reducing the number of children, the kindergarten was closed and the building was ceded for an orphanage). In the beginning the orphanage was known as "Dom 44", and in 2007 received its present name "Nezabravka". Source of the image: www.starazagora.bg

Last update on 22.08.2015

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