HCDPC Ivan Kiulev 
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HCDPC Ivan Kiulev - Closed

Address gr. Gotse Delchev, municipaliry Gotse Delchev, region Blagoevgrad Email koendrev@abv.bg
Website http://milostiv.org/22 Phone 0751/ 6 01 34
DirectorKonstantin Endrev See on the map bgmaps.com
Foster home “Ivan Kiulev” was founded and commenced its work in Goce Delchev in 1951. The home is a sponsored by the government and its goals are to foster and educate children from disadvantaged background – those without parents or those with no parental care.

We are running at full capacity with 48 children, who are split into three groups:
1. Permanent care – the group consists of children on year-round residence, who lack family environment.
2. Weekly care – the group is for children attending the foster home Mon-Fri, whose relatives provide family environment during the weekends and the school holidays.
3. Daily care – the children in this group are provided with educational and foster environment during the day and are collected at the end of the day by members of the family.

The main goal of our team is to improve the quality of life for our children and provide an environment close to that of the family. As the government funds are insufficient, we rely on sponsors and donations to continue our work.
We always need:
1. Food supplies for the children.
2. Sanitary and washing supplies for the laundry, the kitchen, and the children – tooth paste, shampoo, washing liquid, detergent, antibacterial spray, etc.

To improve the quality of care, we need:
1. Furniture for the living rooms – sofas, chairs, TVs, DVD players, tables, etc.
2. Refurbishment of the play areas, the computer room, the bedrooms, the dining room, the study rooms, etc.
3. New kitchen appliances – potato peeler, washing machine, dish washer, etc.
4. Replacement of some very old wardrobes and beds.

Last update on 22.08.2015

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