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About us

The Site is inspired by the life and work of St. Philaret the Merciful. It started in 2011, on December 1 – the date when we, Eastern Orthodox Christians, celebrate his memory. With the great help of a number of volunteers and donors, we were able to gather information about homes for children and old people as well as complete several other initiatives, such as organizing contests in different areas, making a short documentary, assisting in the donation of more than 250 computers and laptops to homes for children, and other activities. Guided by our desire to assist in making connections between people in need and those willing and able to help, we publish regularly verified appeals. We make available the contact information and bank accounts of the people in need. Seeking to inspire good deeds, we publish news and articles about virtuous people sacrificing something of their own and of themselves for others. Our initiatives have been supported by media outlets, such as BNT, BNR, Darik Radio, the site of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and multiple other sites.

In the initial five years, the association was informal, which caused some challenges and limitations while dealing with its administration and completing initiatives. For this reason, in the beginning of 2017, along with a few active partners proving their dedication to the cause of helping others through their actions, we registered Association Merciful. Two of the basic principles of the newly founded association are voluntary work and full transparency. We publish the bank accounts of the people in need of assistance. Occasionally, when this is not possible or suitable, we use the bank account of the association, assuring that each donated penny is directed as requested by the donor and allowing everyone to see the donation at the following address -

The main goals set forth in the Charter of Association Merciful are a continuation of our initial activities, namely:
1. To support and assist in overcoming social alienation, encouraging social integration and personal development of people who are socially disadvantaged, children without parental care, people with disabilities and people needing social assistance;
2. To assist in raising funds for medical treatment and the purchase of medications and consumables for people with health problems experiencing financial difficulties;
3. To assist the vocational development and education of talented young people in the field of culture and science;
4. To encourage and promote volunteerism, charity and sacrifice for the needy;
5. To align with Orthodox values and morals, including support for the construction and renovation of Orthodox churches.

We believe that acts of mercy are important not only for the person in need, but also for the person giving help, as well as for the society in which we live. We hope that, with the assistance of multiple like-minded people, we will be able to help at least a little in spreading around good deeds.


You can find us at or

Team of Milostiv


Public Figures who supported causes of Milostiv

Father Stoyan Chilikov
Priest, Associate Professor, Dr. Stoyan Chilikov is a cofounder of Association Merciful and member of the Governing Body. Professor in the Department of Theology at Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski and priest in the St. George Church in Darvenitsa, Sofia. Married with two children.
  Нis Eminence the Metropolitan of Lovech Gavriil
Presented the awards to the winners in the contest dedicated to deacons and mercy
Nina Pancheva-Kirkova
Cofounder of Association Merciful and deputy chair of the Governing Body. Cofounder of, graphic designer and coordinator of the site. Artist, completed doctorate in Fine Arts at the University of Southampton, England. Married with one child.
  Priest Konstantin Tzankov
Member of the committee evaluating the participants in the contest dedicated to deacons and mercy
Radoslav Kirkov
Cofounder of Association Merciful and chair of the Governing Body. Editor, coordinator and programmer of the site. Master’s in Informatics, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Software Developer. Married with one child.
  Dr. Valentin Kozhuharov
Chair of the committee evaluating the essays in the contest dedicated to deacons and mercy
Father Sava (Shtoni) Kokudev
Priest, Dr. Sava (Shtoni) Kokudev, priest in the academic chapel St. Kliment Ohridski and professor in the Faculty of Theology at Sofia University. Member of Association Merciful. Married with two children.
  Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Andonov
Participant in the discussion dedicated to the mercy and social activity of the Church
Velislava Krumova
Cofounder and member of Association Merciful. Bachelor of Theology, Sofia University Kiliment Ohridski, enrolled in Master’s program in Contemporary Aspects of Theology. Teacher at kindergarten for hearing impaired children. Artist. Mother of three children.
  Associate Prof. Kostadin Nushev
Participant in the discussion dedicated to the mercy and social activity of the Church
Simeon Yordanov
Editor of the site Member of Association Merciful. Graduate of Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski in Theology and Bulgarian Language and Literature.
  Prof. Dr. Devorina Gamalova
Chair of the committee in the section Musical Interpretation in the Charity Contest 2015. Put forward music for the the short documentary Deeds of Faith.
Ivana Radonova
Dr. Ivana Radonova – educator with experience in teaching and member of Association Merciful.
  Gavrail Panchev
Chair of the committee in the section Young Writers in Charity Contest 2015
Tzvetelina Kalcheva
Philologist and member of Association Merciful. Married with two children.
  Vaska Glushkova
Chair of the committee in the section Disadvantaged Young People Pursuing Higher Education in the Charity Contests in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Provided exceptional support to other initiatives of Association Merciful as well.


Translation of the Homes’ personal pages:: Desi Lambina, Elitsa Spasova, Nikola Valchev, Elena Mihaylova, S. Atipova, Ivan Dimitrov, Todor Lambin, Asen Nachev, Elena Kircheva, Stoyana Mincheva, Dariya Manova, Bozhidara Zlatanova, Maria Ilieva, Mariela Vacheva

Donation of Bibles for children at Homes for children: Stella Apostolova, Bozhidar Apostolov, Svetoslav and Angel

Gathering of information about Homes for children: Boris Glushkov, Marusya Petrova, Teodora Stefanova, Nina Litvinenko, Elitsa Litvinenko, Alexandra Stefcheva, Alexander Vasilev, Ani Nacheva, Sunny Taskova, Kalina Kuncheva, Atanaska Marinova, Bistra Slavkova, Bilyana Klisurova, Veselina Kortsanova, Maria Novakova, Anna Dimitrova, Maria Shehinova, Yommyosh Eni, Tsvetanka Tsacheva, Mariyana Nikolova, Maria Zhelyazkova, Viktoria Milosheva, Veselin Georgiev, Stefan Mirchev, Maria Chenkova, Vaska Glushkova, Elena Dimitrova, Plamen Michev, Pimento Pimento, Steliyana Filipova, Krasimira Marinova, Petya Cholakova, Dobrina Baycheva, Tsvetomila Parvanova, Vanya Kracholova, Hristina Dimitrova, Petai Delcheva, Orhan Mitrev, Desislava Dragneva, Maria Staykova

Assistance in organizing a discussion dedicated to the charity and social activity of the Church: Slavi Spasov, Sneja Kirkova, Simeon Kirkov, Nikolay Ivanov, Hristo Bachvarov

Assistance in organizing the national Charity Contest: Stefana Pancheva, Tsvetelina Kalcheva, Stanislav Kalchev, Sneja Kirkova, Georgi Kirkov, Simeon Kirkov, Stela Apostolova, Lilia Petkova, Rositsa Kehayova, Petya Velikova, Asya Pavlova, Ines Simeonova, Amira Salah Al-Rifai, Srebrina Tsvetanova, Albena Georgieva, Gabriela Petrova, Hristo Petrov, Maria Stoilova

Translation of the documentary, Deeds of Faith: Antonia Georgieva, Elena Tsonkova Nikolay Shindarov, Martin Ivanov, Tsvetelins Kalcheva, Zlatoela Sengil

  Yanko Tihov
Chair of the committee in the section Fine Arts in Charity Contest 2015
  Kalin Terziiski
Participated in a discussion and presented the awards to the winners in the Charity Contest 2015
  Kitodar Todorov
Voice over in the short documentary Deeds of Faith
  Martin Ralchevski
Editor of the text in the short documentary Deeds of Faith

* *The names of the volunteers are listed in chronological order in accordance with the initiatives in which they participated.

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