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''Creating Good'' - national competition for young musicians, artists, writers and young people with difficult financial circumstances

Organizers: The competition is jointly organized by Milostiv - a platform for charity and social work, the Blagorodna Badeva Foundation, Association for Modern Culture and Vaska Glushkova

Period: October 16, 2014 - April 21, 2015

Media: БНР, Информационна агенция ФОКУС, Културни новини, actualno.com, wishbox.org, teacher.bg

* 21.04.2015 - Разговор на д-р Деворина Гамалова с журналистката Лили Големинова, радио Хоризонт
* 21.04.2015 - Разговор на Радослав Кирков с журналистката Кармен Манукян, радио Хоризонт
* 03.03.2015 - Разговор на д-р Деворина Гамалова с журналистката Татяна Иванова, радио Хоризонт
* 01.01.2015 - Разговор на Нина Панчева-Киркова с журналистката Кармен Манукян, радио Хоризонт

The ''Creating Good'' contest organizers unite in the understanding that arts provide unique ways to broaden and enrich our imagination and understanding of the world. Moreover, we believe that art can help us to do more good by fostering respect for others and by directing our attention to problems and issues that remain out of scope of public debate. Arts help create and maintain our sense of community as they represent forms of communication and social interaction. The aesthetic delight they provide cultivates our feelings and enriches our mind. A soul that knows and appreciates beauty can also become beautiful and good. Art can create new realities and recreate existing ones to reinforce the ideas of good, dignity and shared values using images and concepts by which we understand and perceive the world.

The competition is divided into four categories: young musicians, artists, writers, and young people who would like to obtain higher education but face financial difficulties. The objective is to support young people in their creative pursuits by providing opportunities for recognition, financial assistance, a forum for sharing their ideas and reassessing their calling and mission as artists.





Young people in difficult financial circumstances

Age range of participants 14-25 years 16-33 years 16-26 years 18-21years
Application Deadlines Deadline 25.03.2015 Deadline 20.02.2015 Deadline 01.03.2015 Deadline 28.02.2015
Awards (in Bulgarian levs)
  • First place: 500
  • Second place: 400
  • Third place: 300
  • Additional awards
  • First place 1200
  • Second place: 800
  • Third place: 400
  • Two public choice awards 200 each
  • First: 600
  • Second: 400
  • Third: 200
  • Additional awards

Scholarship of 1200 levs and awards
  • First: 300
  • Second: 200
  • Third: 100
Total prize fund 3600 levs 2800 levs 1600 levs 8150 levs
Detailed information Further details ... Further details ... Further details ... Further details ...

The prize fund is provided thanks to the unconditional support of donors.


On April 21 in the gallery "Bulgaria" of Sofia Philharmonic awarding ceremony took place in a national competition "doing good."

The event combined the gala-concert of finalists in the category for young musicians and the opening of the exhibition of selected works in the section for young artists. The organizers discussed ideas for the competition, about how art can help us to do better and how participants transformed the theme "do-gooding". The writer Kalin Terziysky presented the awards to the winners. The exhibition continues until May 11th.

In each category you can see the winners, their works and video recordings of the event.

The combined prize pool is over 8 thousand euros. We want to thank the donors and volunteers who helped us to realize this initiative. You can see their names and allocations from here .

This page was translated in English by the volunteer Lilia Petkova.

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