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Let's help Siana

Author: DMS | 17.12.2017

LetSiana Maniovska is a 3-year-old girl from Mezdra, Bulgaria. She was born prematurely as she suffered from a congenital duodenal obstruction due to duodenal atresia. Three days after being born, Siana underwent a surgery; her condition was monitored at the Division of Neonatology at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Childhood Diseases - Sofia.

At eight months Siana was diagnosed with epilepsy and was also affected by cerebral palsy (CP); she started a rehab therapy, which continues up to present.

This year, Siana’s parents got informed about a Stem Cell Treatment and connected with the Liv Hospital in Turkey; the hospital gives hope for a significant improvement of the child’s condition with a Stem Cell Injection Treatment. The cost of the four-course therapy is $32,000 USD.

The Neurologist Dr. Draganova states, "By taking into account the child’s diagnosis and the fact that there is a lack of conclusive evidence in medical studies that a Stem Cell Treatment may worsen health conditions, I consider that such a treatment is appropriate for her."

The initiated charity campaign aims at collecting $32,000 USD. So far, the donation account has 17,000 BGN leva, but the sum of 36,000 BGN leva is still needed.

If we have a Bulgarian mobile number, we can help Siana by sending SMS to 17 777 with a text in Latin “DMS SIANA” or by donating money to her bank account.

Raiffeisen Bank
IBAN: BG05RZBB91551008596670 – BGN
IBAN: BG30RZBB91551OO8596705 – USD
Paypal: [email protected] | https://www.paypal.me/maniovska

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