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Short film about the charitable work of Father Stoyan and the people from Spiritual Centre ”St. Petka”

Organizers: Milostiv

Period: 01.09.2015 - 27.06.2015

Media: (given in alphabetical order)
Actualno.com, BBR TV, dveri.bg, dobrichmedia.com, dobrotoliubie.blogspot.com, pravoslavie.bg, timeheroes.org, focus-news.net, Varna TV

The film ''Deeds of faith'' has been shot to tell the story of the widesparead social and clerical work, began by the deceased Father Stoyan and continued by Father Emanuil, priest’s wife Elena (wife of Father Stoyan), priests and laity from Dobrich. For us – the people who made this short film, their work is a source of inspiration, that is why we were astonished when we realized that so few people knew about it. This is why we started working on this video. We set off for Dobrich, where we were welcomed by Father Emanuil, priest’s wife Elena and the children from the orphanage. Thanks to the accounts of father Emanuil, Elena, the student from Sofia Theological Seminary - Ivelin, the manager of the orphanage and Ivelin’s mother- Nikolina, eleven-year old Alexander, who lost his parents, as well as Mr Ninov, the librarian, we managed to show in the video how it all began. The way Father Stoyan, with the example set by his deeds, influenced and helped many people, how Father Emanuil, who used to be a Muslim, got baptized and later became an orthodox priest. The life stories of the speakers got interwoven with the work and example of Father Stoyan. The deeds of faith grew bigger and bigger becoming life-changing for more and more people.

The team of “Milostiv” initiated and fulfilled the project, but we couldn’t have made it without the help of the actor Kitodar Todorov, whose voice-over you can hear in the film, the writer Martin Ralcheski, who edited the text, the violinist, professor doctor Devorina Gamalova, who provided her musical performances for the film without compensation and the clergy of church “Sveta Troitsa” in Dobrich, whose chants you can hear. We would like to express our gratitude to the volunteer translators: Antonia Georgieva, who translated the film in English; Elena Tsonkova - translated the current web page in English, Nikolay Shindarov - translated the film in Serbian language, Martin Ivanov and Cvetelina Kalcheva - translated it in German language, and Zlatoela Sengil - translated the film in Spanish.

Working on the film was free of charge, in our spare time, as we were convinced that popularizing it may inspire new acts of goodwill. We also believe that more people would open up their hearts and support the construction work of the second shelter in Riltsi neighbourhood, as well as help the work of the existing Centre “Sveta Petka”.

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