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‘’Dobrovolchestvo” 2018 – Contest for young photographers and scholarships for adolescents in difficult financial position

Period: May 20, 2018 - September 15, 2018

Media: Bulgarian National Radio, Horizont program (28.07.17, 21.04.2015, 21.04.2015, 03.03.2015, 01.01.2015), Radio Sofia, FOCUS Information Agency, Cultural News, actualno.com, wishbox.org, teacher.bg

After the successful realization of the contest ‘’Dobrovolchetvo’’ in 2015 and 2017, when more than 30 000 lev were distributed, Milostiv Charity is launching the project once more. In addition to the classical scholarship provided for students in difficult financial position, which attend university or for those planning to enrol, this year the competitions will focus on photography.

On our two international contests we will be expecting your amateur or professional shots – inspiring images, showing acts of kindness, representing the wide spectre of variety and richness of possibilities, which those topics provide. In the first contest, besides the monetary reward for the winners, the best photographs will be permanently displayed in hospitals and retirement homes all over the country. In the second one, in addition to the financial rewards, the best photographs will take part in an exhibition in the Faculty of Theology in the University of Sofia. We wish inspiration to all photographers!


Photography contest: Inspiring photos of people in hospitals or homes

Photography contest:

Scholarships for university students
in difficult financial position

Age limit of the contestants Between 14 and 40 Between 14 and 40 Between 18 and 21
Application deadline August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018
  • First – 600 lev
  • Second – 400 lev
  • Third – 200 lev
  • Prize of the audience – 150 lev
  • First – 600 lev
  • Second – 400 lev
  • Third – 200 lev
  • Prize of the audience – 150 lev

Scholarships – 1200 lev
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The prize fund is fully provided by the unconditional support from donators.

We would like to thank thе volunteer Natella Beridze for translating this page in English

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